Hi! I'm Alejandro

If you're a composer, we probably already met - you just don't know it.

Audio Brewers

In late 2019 I launched Audio Brewers, the first company focused on developing Sample Libraries and Virtual Instruments recorded, mixed and delivered both in Stereo and in Ambisonics.

Thanks to Audio Brewers, composers now have a way to create music in any speaker-array configuration possible. From Stereo to Binaural, Surround Sound, Immersive and Spatial Audio, Atmos, VR and even custom speaker arrays.

Our Software currently runs on Kontakt, which is compatible with any major DAW in the market.


I am the creator of kFootsteps, a Library created to aid Foley Artists and Sound Designers in the process of adding 'Steps' in a scene.

Dozens of show types over different surfaces.

From walking or walking slowly, all the way to running and even jumping, in a matter of minutes!

You can get kFootsteps by clicking on the link below.

All my work

For the past years, I've been specialised in Producing and Developing Sample Libraries. Below is a list of all the Libraries I have been involved in developing and/or producing, some of which being fruit of my creativity

Audio Brewers Tangent Drum
Audio Brewers Pianoforte
Audio Brewers Signals Blue
Audio Brewers The Upright
Cinematic Alpha Present
Cinematic Alpha Past
Westwood Alt Piano 1.1 Update
Sequential Prophet X
8Dio Fire Trombone
8Dio Fire Saxophone
8Dio Fire Tumpet
8Dio Emotional Guitars
8Dio Emotional Guitars
8Dio Emotional Guitars
8Dio Everwave
8Dio Harmonium
8Dio Circle Strings
8Dio The Bible of Salsa vol. 3
8Dio The Bible of Salsa vol. 2
8Dio The Bible of Salsa vol. 1
8Dio 66 Cellos
Legion Series 33 Drummers Batucada
Legion Series: 66 Trombones
Studio Vocal Roula
8W Superstring
Chris Young The Collection
Chris Young Textural Worlds
Chris Young Orchestral Touch
Legion Series: 66 Tubas
1985 - Passionate Piano
Legion Series: 66 Basses
Blendstrument Paranormal Guitars
Advanced Guitar Series: Mandolin
Advanced Guitar Series: Charango
Advanced Guitar Series: Steel String
Rhythmic Revolution
Misfit Toy Synths and Drums
Misfit Toys and Baby
Misfit Toy Instruments
Blendstrument Strange Pulses
Free You
Greek Percussion
Blendstrument Alive Percussion
Blendstrument Hybrid Pulses
Blendstrument Motion Textures
Electric Cello
Misfit Toy Piano
Qanun - Library for Kontakt
Santur - Library for Kontakt
Electric Violin - Library for Kontakt
Solo Cello Designer - Library for Kontakt
Solo Violin Designer - Version 2.0 of existing Library for Kontakt
Misfit 1 String Diddley Bow - Library for Kontakt
Misfit Jawharp - Library for Kontakt
Misfit Whistling - Library for Kontakt
Misfit Banjo - Library for Kontakt
Misfit 3 Strings Diddley Bow - Library for Kontakt
Misfit Harmonica - Library for Kontakt
Misfit Fiddle - Library for Kontakt
Misfit Concertina - Library for Kontakt
Misfit Trumpet - Library for Kontakt
Misfit Trombone - Library for Kontakt
Misfit Bucket Bass - Library for Kontakt
Misfit Washboard - Library for Kontakt
Misfit Stompbox - Library for Kontakt
Misfit Bicycle - Library for Kontakt

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